The 4 Most Important SEO Factors Every Businessman Must Know

The 4 Most Important SEO Factors Every Businessman Must Know

Below are some important things that are done by SEO Services in Noida

·        Backlinks (incoming links)

When a site links to another site, it is counted as a “vote of confidence” for the site to which it is being linked. Although this is not new, many websites we analyze do not have a strategy to build backlinks.

Let’s see how to solve this, taking into account two criteria:

1. Inbound links are important, both at the page level (links to the exact page) and at the domain level (total number of links to all pages of the site).

2. Not all links are the same. Links may have a different value, based on what page they are in and where they come from.

To analyze the inbound links, a tool is needed that shows us all the links that point to our website and tells us the quality of the link.

·        Relevance

The 4 Most Important SEO Factors Every Businessman Must Know

When it comes to search results, relevance is the most important factor. When someone searches for “red chairs,” they may be disappointed unless they find an exact page that talk about red chairs.

Long ago, relevance is mainly determined by having the exact keyword in the domain, title, and body of the page.

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However, Google is now very good at understanding synonyms, along with the intention of the user search; in other words, Google understands the context of the search. Therefore now, if someone searches for “red” chairs, Google knows that you are likely to want results where you can buy a chair and not an article on how to make a chair. That is, it identifies the user’s intention.

·        Keywords – Strategy – SEO

The 4 Most Important SEO Factors Every Businessman Must Know

Also, Google will include synonyms for red or chair in the results. Therefore, you may see results for “banks.” The relevance is a factor that you will have to work manually. There is not yet a reliable tool that automates this task.

We can measure the density (how many times it is repeated) of the keywords on a page, but it is very difficult to understand the user’s intention and include the correct synonyms, without developing content for each moment of purchase.

·        User Satisfaction

Generally, SaaS SEO agency is much related to relevance, but some differences are important to take into account. Of course, let me tell you that this is a manual process because we must look at some different factors, to determine the number of users who usually like the page they are reading.

Since we can’t see things like the percentage of dropouts and the average time users spend on each page, we have to rely on public information. First, we can start with the number of social actions it has. A page that everyone loves will have a good amount of social actions.

If we see a page with few actions (in niches where people are not ashamed to share), we can assume that they are probably not completely satisfied with what they find.

On most sites, you can see the number of social actions that appear somewhere prominent.

Are you considering all your visitors?

Google has made it clear that it wants you to optimize your website for all visitors. With the recent update for mobile devices and the preference given to fast loading sites in search results, it is clear that Google wants pages that adapt to all mobile devices and load fast, very fast.

If on the top of the search results there are pages that are not mobile-friendly and that load slowly, it is an indicator that Google has to rank a page that it does not really want, because unfortunately, there are no other pages of its content quality That could be an opportunity that you could take advantage of to take advantage. You should check if the page you visit is mobile friendly. Use Google’s mobile-friendly test.

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