Ankle Holsters Are a Game-Changer for Women Gun Owners

Ankle holsters are worn inside the leg, typically on the side opposite your dominant hand. They are best suited for those who sit most of the time, such as at work or in vehicles.

To draw from an ankle holster successfully takes practice. The ideal firearm for this carry style is a small to medium frame/barrel pistol.


Concealed carry ankle holsters are ideal for situations where waistband carry isn’t practical, such as when wearing fitted clothing or sitting for long periods. Ankle holsters provide a unique blend of accessibility and deep concealment, making them popular among law enforcement professionals and individuals prioritizing concealed carry.

These holsters typically attach to the leg using a belt clip that secures to your pants or belt. Some models feature straps that wrap around your calves to prevent them from slipping down your leg as you walk. Regardless of your chosen model, make it easy to draw your gun and practice regularly. This will help you get prepared in case of an emergency or accident. Having the right training and skills is also important to ensure your safety.


Ankle holsters allow you to carry your firearm comfortably. They don’t crowd your waistline or require you to wear bulky clothing like long pants or maxi dresses. Most ankle holsters have a pocket that sits a couple of inches higher than your foot and a lower strap around your calf.

The drawback to an ankle holster is that accessing your gun takes longer than a belt holster from a standing position. Additionally, wearing a heavy gun attached to your ankle can start to irritate you and throw off your balance. Consequently, choosing a lightweight handgun such as a single-stack, polymer-frame pistol chambered in 380 ACP is best. This will prevent you from wearing yourself out and also ensure that your weapon is easily accessible when it’s needed most.

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Ease of Draw

Ankle holsters are great for those who want to carry a secondary pistol and have a way to access it quickly from a seated position. They are especially useful for those who spend much time in the car or at work.

An ankle holster requires you to drop your dominant knee and grab your pants leg to initiate the draw, so this style of concealed carry may take some practice. Make sure to try it out in a safe environment first and wear loose or baggy pants so the holster can fit properly.

It also takes more time to draw from an ankle holster than from your strong side hip, so this is not a good option for people who need to draw on the go. However, it’s ideal for a seated position like a restaurant booth or car seat.


Ankle holsters allow gun owners to carry a handgun at a more neutral position than other concealment methods. This can be beneficial if you are in an environment where you may need to draw your weapon quickly or if your primary weapon malfunctions or is lost.

Aside from allowing for greater versatility, these holsters are also comfortable when worn correctly. It would help to choose an ankle holster that is properly sized for your pistol or revolver. Otherwise, the holster could rub against your leg or cause it to sweat.

One of the main drawbacks of an ankle holster is that it can take longer to access a firearm than a shoulder or thigh holster. This can be an issue for law enforcement professionals who must react rapidly to high-stress situations.

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Ankle holsters are perfect for situations in which you need to access your gun quickly but can’t reach the waistband of your pants. They’re especially convenient in a vehicle, as you can draw your firearm without leaning over or worrying about clearing the seatbelt.

While there are some drawbacks to carrying a handgun on the ankle, the benefits far outweigh them. It’s easy to see why this concealed carry option is so popular among women, law enforcement professionals, and people who prioritize convenience. Practice your drawstroke and choose a high-quality ankle holster made from durable leather or neoprene. It will last longer and safeguard your weapon better than cheaper models. This also means it’ll be less likely to snag on clothing and break.

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