Sliding Wardrobe vs. Hinged Wardrobe- Which is perfect for your home?

A bedroom wardrobe is imperative. It helps to keep the interiors organised and clean. You can make your bedroom interiors more appealing as well by choosing modern bedroom cupboard designs. They are available in many colours and designs. However, if you get started with the design, you will have to decide the type of wardrobe you want in your bedroom. There are two popular wardrobe designs you find, one that has sliding doors and the other with hinged doors. Both options come in plenty of designs and you will have to worry about the look. However, their mechanism is different, and you will have to decide the type you want. If you are not sure about which option you should choose, here are a few differences between them that will help to make the decision:

01 of 06 Space required for opening the door

You will have to pay attention to space clearance when opting for hinged doors. This is because they open outwards. If you keep something in the path of the door, you might not be able to open the door properly. This can be a problem if you stay in a small home where a lot of free space is not available in the bedroom. 

You do not have to worry about this issue with sliding doors. The doors of these modern bedroom cupboard designs stay confined within a frame where the panels move to and fro horizontally on the track. In most cases, the wardrobe design features two panels. Experts recommend them for small bedroom designs as they do not require clearance space. You will be able to make use of the space near the wardrobe more efficiently.

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02 of 06 The door width limits

The width of the door in both types is different. You will have to be careful about the thickness of the hinged doors. This is because the door’s weight is completely supported by the hinges. If the door is too thick, the weight of the door will increase and it will put stress on the hinges. A door with a width of more than 600 mm will not function properly after a few years. In case you want a door thicker than that, you should consider choosing a door with two shutters. 

As mentioned earlier, sliding doors move horizontally on a track. Therefore, you will not have to worry about the doors putting too much stress on any part. This allows people to choose a door that is much thicker than 600 mm without worrying about the door getting damaged. You can get the width customised according to your preferences as well. 

03 of 06 Plinth clearance

Many people add skirting to home decor for an appealing look. If that is the case, the positioning of your hinged door might be a little different. The door is generally mounted above the skirting level. As a result, the amount of space available in the wardrobe reduces a little. 

That is not the case with sliding doors. They do not require additional plinth clearance. Therefore, you get a little more space in your bedroom wardrobe. It allows you to store more items in your wardrobe.

04 of 06 Angular shutters

The corner spaces are awkward and often left empty. You should not make this mistake while designing your bedroom. Making use of space efficiently is very crucial. Thankfully, hinged doors prove to be very beneficial in such cases. You can easily find hinged door wardrobes that can fit into any corner and allow easy access to all your belongings. 

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If you are choosing sliding doors for your bedroom, you may face issues in making use of the corner spaces. They are not very flexible and require a straight wall. 

05 of 06 Amount of visibility

Amount of visibility simply means the amount of space in your wardrobe that is visible when you open the door. In wardrobe designs with hinged doors, you get complete visibility when you open the door. If it has two shutters, you can open them together. 

You do not enjoy this benefit with sliding doors. Since most wardrobes with sliding doors have two shutters only, only 50% of the wardrobe interiors stay visible at a time. However, the amount of visibility will increase when there are more shutters. You will still not be able to get a complete view. 

06 of 06 Cost-effectiveness

The cost is one of the most important factors that determine your decision. Since the hinged doors are not very wide, you will require more doors for the entire wardrobe. Also, you will have to invest in hardware for the installation of your hinged doors. As a result, it gets a little costly. 

Since siding doors are wider, you do not require a lot of doors for your wardrobe. This will help in reducing your expenses. Also, they do not additional hardware for installation. 

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