The Simming Prize Continues to Honor the Best of Fandom

The Simming Prize Continues to Honor the Best of Fandom

Want to know about The Simming Prize? Then you have come to the right place.

The Simming Prize is a prize that is given to honour the Simming and the online role-playing community who deliver services or dedicate themselves or pioneer new technology or techniques. 

This Prize was modeled after the Nobel Prize, and this Prize was established during the year 1999. This Prize was awarded in four categories: literature, management, service, peace, and internet technology. Later the prizes were not distributed to people based on the categories. People started to be awarded without the category. 

History of the Prize

This Prize was named after Seth Cotis, and after his death in 2005, the Simming league considered naming the award Seth Cotis Medal of Honor. The prizes are now issued in the name of the trustees because, in the year 2014, Simming Prize was entrusted to a group of trustees.

About the organization

The Simming prizes now are managed by the five trustees. The current trustees of the Simming Prizes are Mike Bremer, Zania, Jai, and Nugra, and there is one vacant position for a trustee member. It is the duty of the trustees to establish guidelines and safeguard the legacy of the Prize. It is completely upon them to select the judge and the administrator. The administrator of the Prize is responsible for reviewing who is going to be nominated for the Prize, and he is also responsible for seeing that the one who is receiving the Prize is receiving it at the perfect time.

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About Seth Cotis

The full name of Seth Cotis was Michael Christiaan Back. He was also the founder of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance, also known as SLA. Before becoming the president and the chief magistrate of the Simming League, he started his Simming career in the USF (United Space Federation). Mike also used to be considered one of the most outstanding Simming leaders of his generation. He was also an active member at lots of places. Mike was actually a web developer in his real life. He helped many groups develop various web portals and also helped in the advertisement of their web pages throughout the internet.

His lively and enthusiastic character helped him to attract a lot of people around him. He was termed as funny and creative, and he was very much lively as well. The starting of Mike’s Simming career began in the month of June 1997 in the United Space Federation on the USS Potemkin. Mike started a letter-writing campaign to the USF High Command so that they reinstate Sierra. The campaign became successful, and then Sierra was again made the caption in the year 1997.

Mike was good at their work which made him pave his ranks. He remained with the sim for a long time, although he took a few days off at a point in time during his life. He, at last, became the captain of the Potemkin in the month of November 1999.

Overall goals of the Prize

The mission 

The ones winning the Simming Prize are considered the Simming Laureates, which means that this Prize holds a very prestigious and honorable position in society. The Prize is given to the member who provides a good service in the online role-playing community. The Prize is also awarded to the ones who pioneer new technology and deliver services. The goal is to achieve higher and higher, and the people who are in this community are working higher towards the goal. They are innovative as well as focused on their goal.

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It is important for one to be innovative.

To achieve this honourable Prize, one has to be innovative and develop new techniques and technologies. One needs to be creative in what they are doing, and they also need to be focused so that they are able to achieve the goal.

The Awarding

Five Simming prizes are awarded every year to either people or to entities. It depends on the services they deliver and how they pioneered new technologies or inventions. The public can also choose to submit nominations throughout the year, and all this information is kept confidential.

The 2021 class which won the award contained one person, three groups, and one sim.

The 2020 award went to Theta Memory. It was one of the top players who played on the internet. They all exceeded in Simming. Their dedication was a lot, and they also achieved first place in the Tournament of Simulations.

Final Thoughts

I hope our blog has been able to provide you with all the necessary information that you need. If you are a part of any sort of online gaming or any role-playing community, you can start and prepare yourself for this award.

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