Tips for Perfect Mother of the Groom Etiquette

Tips for Perfect Mother of the Groom Etiquette

There are tons of wedding rituals and expectations that go hand-in-hand with having a classic, traditional wedding. From the color of your wedding dress to the responsibilities of your bridal party, it goes without saying that if you’re looking to do things right (well, traditionally “right,” anyway) you’ll need to understand all of those duties — this includes the mother of the groom etiquette.

You might think that mothers of the groom don’t have too much responsibility when it comes to wedding time, but traditionally, they do abide by a certain etiquette.

At JJ’s House, we’re happy to help inform and educate you on all the wedding knowledge you might need before your big day comes around, so we compiled a little list of the mother of the groom etiquette we thought might help you!

In the end, remember, you can involve the mother of the of the groom as much, or as little, as you want, so don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t want. The only obligation you should stick to when it comes to mother of the groom etiquette? Amazing mother of the groom dresses

Look Amazing

No matter how much you want your mother of the groom to be involved in your wedding, they should always look amazing! Whether you want the mother of the bride dresses short, mother of the bride dresses long, a festive dress, or a more formal one, JJ’s House has you totally covered! There’s even plenty of sizing options available — even custom sizing to ensure you’re always getting your mother-in-law the right fit.

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Host the Engagement Party

This is typically the responsibility of the groom’s parents, but if you don’t want to go traditional, don’t feel pressured to put this on your almost-in-laws. This is a fun, but important, celebration for you and your partner, so if you want a great party and want to ensure that your in-laws are involved, go ahead and assign them this task!

Arrange the Rehearsal Dinner

This is typically the responsibility of the mother of the groom and father of the groom — if you choose to forgo tradition, that’s okay, too. If the mother of the groom wants to help you plan and execute the rehearsal dinner, it’s a great way to include your new mother-in-law in your wedding day preparation, as well as helping to take some of the responsibility off of you!

Plan (and Participate) in a Beautiful Mother-and-Son Dance

As is tradition, the mother of the groom will participate in a beautiful, touching dance with her son (the groom). Even if you don’t want to have a totally traditional wedding, it’s always a great idea to include this in your special ceremony! It’s heartwarming, a tear-jerker, a really great addition to your wedding experience. Let the mother of the groom (and her son of course) pick out the perfect song and arrange their own choreography!

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