6 Vacation essentials to carry: Backpack checklist

6 Vacation essentials to carry: Backpack checklist

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Backpacking is a tough game, especially when you know that the en route way will have no supermarkets or pharmacies to assist you. Having said that, it definitely becomes a task as to what to keep and what to leave, considering that outdoor activities such as trekking, camping, bike riding, etc. demand one to travel light on baggage. To resolve this confusion, we have created an ultimate checklist of 6 essential outdoor gears to buy before backpacking for your next adventure.

1. Backpack/ Rucksack

Sore shoulders and back don’t sound fun when you have loads of activities lined up for the coming few days. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a fitted backpack or rucksack for yourself. Many people don’t know but one can look for kinds of backpacks based on their gender and measurements which gives the buyer a good comfort when carrying it out there in the wild. Other than that, it should have a good number of pockets, preferably stretchable and made with tear-resistant technology with superior capacity, and have an adjustable waist and chest strap. Amusing, eh? Never thought what looked like a simple bag could be so complex in categories when purchasing one. You can carry your shoes, dresses, jeans, red jumpsuit, tops, packaged food, drinks,

2.  Gloves
6 Vacation essentials to carry: Backpack checklist gloves

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Being exposed to the outdoor environment with bare hands is not a good idea. This precaution makes gloves a necessary gear to carry on your next adventure trip. With the improved technology, the variations of gloves available in the market are tremendous which allows the buyer to buy the gloves according to the specific use. Some buy a pair of protected ski gloves and some go for biking gloves for their motorbike riding.

Don’t forget to keep in mind the additional features such as waterproof, breathability, mobility, etc. For example, biking gloves should be tightly fitted. and made of superior quality to avoid any scratches while riding your KTM bike.

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3.   Tool Bag
6 Vacation essentials to carry: Backpack checklist bag
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A tool bag is a necessity when you don’t know what next may come your way. Whether it is hiking, camping, KTM riding, for a fun outdoor BBQ, a tool bag will have your back for every trouble faced along the way. Things generally found in a tool bag are a rope, knife, hammer, barbeque tools and your other needs for the adventure which lies ahead. So, comfortable to carry with easy grabbing handle or continuous straps tool bag is definitely next in the list for your outdoor gear list.

Barbeque is a really fun activity to do with friends but we should always carry packaged food such as crackers, chips, chocolate box, donuts, etc.

4. Headlamp/ Torch
6 Vacation essentials to carry: Backpack checklist
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Imagine sitting in the dark woods where you can feel cold winds blowing, doesn’t seem frightening? Now imagine hearing some strange voices from behind the bush. Are you panicking already? But wait, maybe it’s just a cute little rabbit behind the bush. I hope you got the point of why a torch or headlamp is important in a place where your phone batteries will have no support and the cold winds will not let the fire stay for long. Some also consider carrying a lantern but should be considered only if you can carry one. There are no complexities to buying a torch or flashlight, any simple, cheap and reliable one will do. You can keep one in your tool bag.

5. Boots or shoes

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You might feel that your everyday sneakers will do just fine but a little support, comfort, and stability will never harm. When shopping for your shoes, you will have a great number of choices and again you will have to choose your specific purpose. Such as hiking shoes are lightweight and have solid durability but riding boots have multi-layer foam padding with ankle protectors and water resistance quality. If adventure is what is on your mind, you can also buy general all-around hiking shoes also and enjoy your trip. Take care of your feet and they’ll take you a long way!

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6. First-Aid Kit
6 Vacation essentials to carry: Backpack checklist
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It is obvious that you’ll need a first-aid/ medical kit when out there camping. From bandages, gauze, aspirin to sun protector, you’ll need it all. Change in an outdoor environment can have surprising effects on our body such as burns, cuts, and blisters. The first-aid kit has no rules and can be customized as per your preferences and needs, just make sure it is compact and easy to fit in your bag. It is advisable to stuff in extra medication and bandages for your traveling buddies in case of an emergency. These were the six essential outdoor gears everybody should buy before leaving for your next hiking, camping or off-roading trip. These will make sure that you only have a comfortable trip but also protect you from any possible injury.

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