Garden Fence How to Choose the Right One?

garden fencing

The Garden is one of the most special areas of our home. In it we spend moments of encounter with family and friends, where we take a break looking for tranquility and rest. When defining your space, either in your interior area or to separate the garden from outside the home, the most functional element to use is a garden fence.

There are a number of very varied elements to take into account when making the garden fencing, for which certain criteria must be clear to avoid confusion, wasted time and inadequate money expenses.

Why do you put the fence?

Although it seems simple, it is very important to be clear about the objective for which you want to fence an area of ​​your garden please visit for more info It is not the same to make a division between the patio and the street with total opacity to want to make an interior maze. The same if you want to create a decorative effect in combination with pots and flowers.

Surface type

This criterion is included in the list of fundamentals when planning the fencing of your garden. We must differentiate whether it will be on land or else in concrete or brick. It is also important to know if the area to be fenced has slopes or is flat. All these features will allow you to choose the most suitable fence material and the difficulty of installing it.

Fence material

The choice of material for garden fencing will depend on our tastes and the specific requirements we need. For this we must know certain characteristics that have the 3 most used materials:

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Wooden fence: It has a varied possibility of decoration. It will depend on the wood that constitutes it and the insulating products used, such as paint or varnish, to know its useful life. Its weak point is the maintenance, since it tends to deteriorate more often due to the inclement weather. The wooden garden fences can be found in various shapes and sizes, they are generally used as a delimiter of the internal space such as paths or mazes. Beautifully fencing your garden is also an important part of your home renovation and decor.

Metal fence: Allows more specific customization in the decorative. As far as resistance is concerned, the metal garden fence can last for many years but needs a more recurrent restoration. Its installation may be its weakest point since it is not too easy and usually you must have adequate personnel. The most common use is to safely delimit transit areas with the garden.

PVC Fence (Polyvinyl Vinyl): It is a long-lasting material and is the most efficient of those used in the manufacture of fences and outdoor fences. It does not rust or rot. It requires a minimum maintenance. It can be fixed or mobile. The PVC garden fence depending on its functionality can be obtained in the “Open” format, which allows the vision between the fence and what happens on the other side or “Concealment” if absolute privacy is desired.

For their adaptation to the surface they exist of different dimensions and in what refers to the decorative they can be found in different colors, even in simil wood finish like our Ciclope model. Its main advantage is the easy installation with the goal that you do it yourself.

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