Breast Cancer: Some less known facts to know

There are many types of ailments which strike men, women, and children of all ages. But one disease that is termed to be life-threatening and also painful is cancer. Women are more prone to contracting breast cancer, which has become a major concern these days, especially due to rising pollution everywhere, which has been causing a variety of diseases including cancer. People have become aware of the potential dangers, partly due to the awareness movement of breast cancer. Few women have been seeking proactively screenings for detecting cancer at a very early stage. They also are trying to change their existing lifestyle to a much healthier one for preventing the occurrence of such diseases. But those diagnosed with this ailment resort to availing alternative treatment options. Visiting the top 10 cancer hospital in India can help to get better treatment and integrative medicine of different forms including ozone therapy and chelation therapy. 

2nd most commonly affecting cancer type

The truth is that breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer that is faced by women across the globe. There also has been increasing death in women related to such cancer types among all races and ethnicities. Unfortunately, not many are aware of the risks that are associated with it, which is only made manifolds due to poor lifestyle choices. In case diagnosed with this cancer type, it will be wise to consult immediately a doctor at the top hospitals to get immediate treatment. the doctor will advise the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to be made to improve overall health condition and to tackle the disease. 

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An epidemic

The fact is that the advent of modern technology like the smartphone has only given rise to increase in this dangerous disease, a fact that is still to be adopted by the society in large. Invasive breast cancer cases have been on the rise with each passing year and thousands die due to this illness. Early detection of this disease is the key to survive. Women who are less than 50 years of age do show better signs of quick improvement than those above this age. 


In case, the person has any close blood relative like sister, daughter or mother, who had experienced this ailment at some point of time in life or is facing now, may only cause the risk of contraction to double. It is equally crucial to understand that 85%+ patients without any family history of such ailments do contract this disease. Annual screenings are important. But most women over the age of 40, simply avoid skip it, just to save money or time as they do not have any such family history of known issues. 

Risks in men

Even men are found to suffer from this cancer type. There are hundreds of men who have developed this disease and come from far and near to seek the best cancer treatment in India. Many even die due to this illness. According to the industry experts, the chances of men developing such issues are stated to be 1 out of 1,000. Even this number is cited to be less, it will not wise to downplay this issue as a mere possibility. 

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No age limit

Even the young, as well as the old, may develop this cancer type. But, as the person grows older, the risks of contracting it also increase manifolds. The experts state that the risk of contracting this disease at the age of 20 is around 1 in 1,760, while at 30, it increases to about 1 in 229 and at 40, to around 1 in 69, at 60, about 1 in 29 and on crossing 70, the risk increases to about 1 in 27, while overall lifetime risk is around 1 in 8.

Benign breast lumps

There are many women who develop lumps that rather become benign growths in their breast. Being non-cancerous, it can be blood clots, cysts that are caused due to some trauma, benign tumors such as mastitis, fibroadenomas, scar or nodules issue. But they are not linked with cancer.

It will be wise to avail a holistic approach when it comes to detecting, preventing and treating breast cancer. This can be achieved by consulting the top doctors at the well-established hospitals.

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